Recommendations of how to search a good education canine company

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Working in positive.

Know your opinion with regard to positive education and its way of working with the dog, before hiring their services. We can check if the canine educator belongs to any association of canine educators, working in a respectful way with the dog.

It has been a good specialized training.

  • See curriculum, courses of education and canine behavior, specialised seminars, experience in the sector.
  • It is updated in canine education and learn about the latest trends.
  • Verifiable through its curriculum, seeing if it performs courses and seminars periodically.
  • Have demonstrable experience.

References from other customers or companies, web page with information about other works, photographs, videos, participation in competitions related to the world of the dog, etc.

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  • To explain how to work from the very beginning.
  • Methodology, duration of sessions and the process, workplace.
  • Have references about his work.
  • Consult with veterinarians, clients, other canine educators, find information on the internet, forums, etc.
  • They are specialists in the field that we need.

Depending on the need of the customer, if the service is directed to a puppy, to treat behavior problems, develop a basic education, or for any other form of training.

You always work in the presence of the owner and explain clearly how to work with the dog.

Training is directed that the owner can better understand your dog, learn about their motivations, strengthen its link and so should participate actively in the learning process of your dog. Any member of the family who wants to participate will be welcome, all members of the family must work properly to educate fellow.

Never use material harmful to the dog.

For example: electric collar, collar pins, necklaces of drowning (as lines to lift the dog drowning it if you have a reaction to inadequate), etc., and inform us of the most suitable materials to work with our dog. The approach should be the enjoy learning sessions, both for the dog how to the owner.

It would be advisable to provide the opportunity to pay education everywhere as you go forward. This is one of the guarantees that can be offered, so that customer can decide if it wants to continue once started the work.

That it is offered to clarify doubts even once completed the training.

The service provided by a canine educator, should be offered the possibility of consultations after the sessions to meet the educational needs of the customer during the lifetime of the dog.