Legalized Chinese Translation Services

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When a document is to be presented to a foreign authority is not enough the certified translation: must be complete legalization of translation.

In the case of China besides the Legalization there are times when it is required an additional stamp that is affixed by the Chinese Embassy Consular.

Some examples of cases that require certification, legalization and consular takes care of all the required steps to give full legal effect to translations in Chinese.

  • For the presentation of documents requested by companies
  • For the purposes of transfer work
  • To request or extend your visa
  • For various business practices
  • To apply for citizenship

For our Chinese translation we take care of all the necessary practice, that includes the legalization at the Chinese Consulate in Milan.

Our customers don’t have to worry about anything: will follow all the steps from the affidavit in court, the next time that legalization in the prosecution, to end the practice with the legalization at the Chinese Consulate in Milan.

In about two weeks will be given all the necessary certifications for the translated document can be presented in China at full value.

We ship the complete dossier throughout Italy: get your free quote!