How to Choose the Perfect Winter Outfit

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Every season comes with its own battle. Finding the ideal coat for winters is a challenging task. It must be comfortable and at the same time fashionable. Many people make mistakes while purchasing a winter coat or a winter outfit for themselves. Given below are some of the guidelines that would help you to avoid making costly errors when it comes to purchasing winter outfits.

  1. The quality and the fabric: Winters are cold. Picking up an appropriate jacket with a proper material is very important. The best ones tend to keep you warm. Wool does an excellent work of an insulator. In case you want protection from rain, then you can buy the waterproof ones.
  2.    The fitting: A winter jacket must fit you properly otherwise it is of no use. Always try to buy one size over your regular winter jackets so that you have enough room to wear layers underneath. No extra room inside your jacket may leave you uncomfortable and feel restricted. A perfect fit winter coat’s shoulder falls over the edge of your shoulder.
  3.    Choosing the right one: There are two types of overcoats available in the market. One is the single-breasted whereas the other one is the double-breasted. Over the past few years, double-breasted overcoats have become quite popular, but the single-breasted overcoats are the most practical ones. A single-breasted overcoat can be worn both open and closed whereas you always need to keep it closed when it comes to double-breasted overcoats. Single-breasted ones provide more slimming appearance and protection against the chilly winter.
  4.    Pockets are necessary: Pockets are an essential part of a winter coat. No matter how much perfect your winter coat is, it is incomplete without a pocket. Pockets help you to tuck your hand when it starts to snow.
  5.    Whenever you make any investment for your winter outfit, make sure it a long-term investment. An inferior quality outfit can look beautiful, but it may last only for one season.  Expenditure of high-quality coat can seem to be a nightmare, but it will last longer. Try using online discounts and vouchers but buy quality products.
  6.    Never forget to give a trial: when you go to buy any winter coat, don’t just slip it. You need to undergo various tests before you make up your mind. For example, when you wear a coat, sit down, then stand up and raise your arms. Do not buy a coat until and unless you feel comfortable wearing it.
  7.    Layering is important: Layers tend to fill up all those extra spaces and gives you insulation. One layer is represented by a sweater, a shirt and an undershirt. More is the number of layers, better is the insulation and the warmth. It helps to trap the air and regulates your body temperature. When it too warm, you can remove one layer, or you can add layers to keep yourself warm.

Do’s and don’ts

  •    Do not buy clothes made of synthetic materials. Instead buy the ones made of natural materials. Natural materials allow better passage of air. Wool tends to provide warmth even if it is wet.
  •    Wear a head-gear. It may alter your appearance, but nothing can provide warmth as a head-gear.
  •    In order to keep your neck warm, wrap a scarf around your neck. This prevents the cold air from entering your body through the exposed neck area.
  •    Priority always comes before fashion. Make sure that besides keeping your torso warm, you cover your legs, hands, neck and feet.
  •    Do not over-layer yourself. By doing so, you may end up sweating due to excessive warmth. If you sweat, you may get cold.

Few tips to look sexy in a dress this winter

  •    A white summer dress can be paired beautifully with a blazer or a jacket. Wear black tights and black booties to enhance the look.
  •    Adding layers to your dress is the easiest way to give it a new look. Pair them up with a chic hat and a scarf.
  •    Wear a cardigan and cinch your waist by wearing a belt over it.
  •    If you do not prefer wearing tights, try the thigh-high socks instead. Wear them inside high boots; it will not only make you look cute but also provides you with extra warmth.
  •    A collared summer dress can be paired up with a sweater. Pop the collars out, and you get a new winter dress.