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So both you spent $20 on a new toy otherwise you spent 20 mins making a brand new toy and you display it on your chook. Your anticipation and excitement level is set 10 on a scale from 1 to 10 however your hen’s exhilaration level is set a 1 on a scale from 1 to ten. What occurred and how can you restore this trouble? a few parrots are afraid of recent things, a few are fearful of sure colorings, or just fearful of the manner a few items appearance. these fears or your parrot’s shyness can challenge you and your parrot. here are some ideas to overcome those fears and to encourage your parrot to play with toys.


Introduce new toys slowly.

try new area inside the cage

Tie paper towels around the brand new toy

positioned a dab of peanut butter on it however make sure you wash it off later.

try the toy again in a couple months

Recycle antique toy parts into new toys

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regularly rotate new toys into your bird’s surroundings

the first concept, “Introduce new toys slowly”, will range depending on your parrot. Use the subsequent method for very shy or frightful parrots.

start with the brand new toy several ft from the cage however nearby of the chook.

each different day pass the toy in the direction of the cage

put the toy inside the backside of the cage for a pair days.

while your parrot performs with it then hang it in the cage.

if you note fear in your parrot at any factor within the method you then need to returned up a step inside the method and proceed slower.

eight – top Ten cheap DIY Toys


There are heaps of possible DIY toys that you may make your parrot. here are ten thoughts that require no gear and very little time.


Wrap a deal with in a paper towel and tie both ends.

Use a clean fabric glove as a piata.

Take a piece of paper towel roll and put a treat interior it and crimp each ends.