Concrete Block Business For Sale In Philippines

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Lighter, more fire-resistant, and a better insulator, autoclaved aerated concrete caught on in the rest of the world ages ago. In Guatemala, China, Italy and the Philippines caused considerable loss of lifeand reinforced… a 1972 Study of the Brick Industry, that the cost of brick accounted for only about 16…. tive to the molding of hollow building block in wooden or iron molds….. presently consideredwould be feasible hollow block and desirable in the interest.

You can build a house in the Philippines using these blocks made of concrete with millions of small, finely-dispersed air spaces inside; its so light that it floats on water BUT it does not let water penetrate nor hold the water and it is still ‘load-bearing’ strong.

The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks are becoming the preferred building products for residential, hotel, industrial structures because of its natural composition and non-toxic properties, as well as energy saving qualities, claimed Starken Philippines, the local unit of Starken AAC Malaysia.

Enaatus Procon Private Limited, a subsidiary of Renaatus Projects Private Limited caters to the escalating needs of the construction, engineering and architecture industry by offering new age green building material called Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks.

As most of you are aware, recipe (aka product mix ) for AAC products is very critical and determines quality of final product. ALC blocks are made to aerate by creating a reaction between silica in base material such as Fly ash, Lime, Aluminum powder & Cement.