Best sylish bluetooth headphones

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Ergonomic best wireless headphones with a long wire for TV and everyday use. Weigh a little, sit comfortably, survive after the falls and dragging by the wire. Surprise music lovers they will not work, but comfortable work at the computer or watching TV headphones provide.

The model is collected qualitatively: nothing creaks or hangs. On the head sits comfortably. The headphones are not huge, weigh a bit. They look pretty stylish and laconic. Light 3-meter wire on the street is a hindrance, but when using the house it justifies itself.

The best headphones sound at high and medium frequencies. They beautifully reveal the sound of instrumental and classical music. Basses are not very powerful, but tangible and without distortion. Headphones perfectly convey the natural sound, no noise and whistling. To squeeze a maximum, you need good equipment and warming up.

best bluetooth headphones


  • adequate price:
  • clear sound;
  • good landing.


  • Quiet;
  • the ear pads and the cable will be covered.

Koss UR20

Stylish Bluetooth headphones of the famous brand. Do not lose in time a beautiful appearance, tenacious. When watching movies or listening to music completely isolated from the surrounding noise. A long wire does not prevent you from moving around the room. Headphones are soft and comfortable, perfectly suitable for home use.

The design allows you to use headphones for several hours without interruption and do not feel any discomfort. Large ears completely cover the auricle, do not slip and do not crush. The cord is thick, but not oak. It is difficult to break it, but due to the sufficient thickness it is not confused. Problems appear with ear pads. They are covered with a thin film of leatherette, which is very easy to break.

Sound is one of the best in the price category. Playback is clear and voluminous. The high frequencies are fine, the basses are a little booming, but palpable. There is no distortion towards certain frequencies. All sounds are pleasant, high-quality and clean. There are no surprising characteristics for headphones, but there is reliability and a worthy sound.


  • very comfortable;
  • durable;
  • good sound.


  • they will pierce the ear pads and the wire;
  • in summer the ears sweat;
  • the fastener breaks down quickly.

Axelvox HD272

Very “honest” headphones, which reproduce the sound exactly as it is. Deep bass, detail, elegant high frequencies – a monitor model and very sensitive. The cost of headphones can not but rejoice. For this quality is ridiculous money.

The design of the headphones with a long wire for the TV is not adjustable, they can not be adjusted to suit themselves. Despite this, they sit very comfortably, fit tightly to the ears, do not press. Bowls are large, they cover their ears completely, but in summer it can be hot in them. The wire at the headphones is removable, in the kit there is an extension cord.

The sound at the headphones is excellent. You can clearly make out what instruments are playing. Basses are juicy, diverse. The sound is clear at any volume. Thanks to unsurpassed sound insulation, the Bluetooth headphones are enveloped and completely immersed in a voluminous, detailed sound. Reproduction at the level of expensive flagships.


  • magic sound at all frequencies;
  • detailing;
  • full soundproofing.


  • not all fit the design;
  • hard wire;
  • sweat ears.